Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Begins at 40!

Late last fall, I was telling someone how freaked out I was about turning the big 4-0! And that someone, a very special someone, told me 40 would be the best year yet. Well, he was right, because today that milestone came, and my entire life is about to get real crazy in the best way ever.

Friday was a bittersweet day for me as I turned in my resignation to the American Angus Association. Yep, nearly 15 years and three positions later, I'll be departing from the Association on June 13. I love the people--members and coworkers--but it is time to settle down. Time to cease the opportunities that lie ahead. And time to move on.

I'll be moving to Illinois to pursue a career with the Illinois Beef Association, and move to the country. We have the most adorable little house and it is going to be great to have a garden (next year) and be around livestock on a regular basis. I'm so pleased that I can still be in agriculture, and hopefully settle into a state I've considered a second home for years.

I'm so excited! I'm a little nervous; that comes with the change. But I'm mainly happy. Happy to be following my heart.

I will always cherish the friendships I formed, the experiences gained and travels I've had the last 15 years. I will not be gone, just less visible at Angus events and more visible at some other events.

Life begins at 40! Yes it does, and it's gonna be awesome!