Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Live Like You Were Dying

The other day at lunch, my friend Donnie and I were talking finances—pay day is approaching and we were grumbling about the usual—paying bills and savings. He asked if I participated in our 401K, and I replied, sheepishly, “yes, but not at the maximum level.” You see, I explained to him, I’d rather enjoy my money now, while I can and while I’m able, then to leave it behind because only God knows when my time will be up.

Well, then Donnie told me of a local lady who went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms around 9 AM a few weeks back, and by supper time the same day, she’d passed on—no good explanation. And, over the weekend the cattle industry lost a couple just a few years older than me in a head-on collision just a short distance from their home, the way I understand it, and they left behind three children, one seriously injured in the car with them. You just never know.

So no, I’ll probably never max out my 401K, and I hope Donnie’s right—with that attitude I’ll live forever. And, with my drive and desire to be around people, I will probably want to work past my mid-60s, even as a Wal-Mart greeter or at a local boutique or photography shop. But, my point is, take advantage of every opportunity that life hands you! You just never know!

Eat on the good china! Go fishing with your dad next time he asks! Pay $3.5/gallon for gas and go visit an old friend! Spoil your kids, nieces, nephews, yourselves! Go ahead and order dessert! We can’t look back on the past; and we can’t live for the future. We must live for the here and now. Today is a gift; that’s why it's called the present.

Oh, and Dad, get the boat ready. Once Spring “officially” arrives and you and I both have a free weekend, I’m buying some of that high priced gas, and a one-day fishing license if you’ll loan me a pole. We’re goin’ fishin’!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello March!

If March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb or vice-a-versa, then 2011 must have come in like a Texas tornado, because just this weekend I have had time to breath! I actually flipped my kitchen calendar yesterday from January to March--sorry February you were just a blur! And, I also took down my outside Christmas lights. Yes, I actually contemplated leaving them up and being ahead of the game for 2011 Christmas, but I'm not that St. Josephied yet!

So, you might ask, what did I do in January & February? I'd like to tell you I was setting around eating bon bons, drinking sweat tea and watching Oprah. But since I don't like any of those three, that would be hard to believe...so I'll fill you in: 1) Cow Shows and 2) fighting germs!

I actually kicked off my new year trying to get to KS from the Arizona National on New Year's Eve and got to my good friend's house at 9 minutes til Midnight so we could ring in the New Year with Sparkling Grape Juice and go to bed. Sooooo much different from my olden days of New Year's Parties! It was fun to kick off New Years with the Hammer's and Gabrielle loves posing for me, see:

Then, January was literally filled with 10 days of the National Western--one of my favorite events of the year; and a few days of the Fort Worth Stock Show. Angus events were great at both of these events, but in between, I felt like I got hit by a Mack Truck--I had sinus infection, ear infection, lost my voice, had the flu. I even took three sick days, more than I think I've taken in 12 years with the Association!

February=CHAOS! Started off the month at the Cattle Industry Convention in Denver. Attended some meetings, worked the Angus booth, and visited with a lot of great people. Also went to the YCC Alumni reception where I saw about 20 of the folks I toured with the past summer. It was great.

From there I went to Tampa for the Florida State Fair, and then to the Dixie National ROV Show. At these southern shows, I always play tourist: Mini Zebus in Tampa and the National Gert show in Jackson!

Made a couple quick trips to the Iowa and Illinois Beef Expos to visit with members. Participated in a quarterly Board meeting; helped my Dad celebrate his birthday. And, hello, March!

Oh, and in between, I still volunteered a few times to play Monopoly and Yahtzee with my little sis, Kat, and we took in the Nature Center and went bowling...

I'm really glad to be home most of this month--my power planning month--when I'm doing a LOT of event planning for the rest of the year. But, come April, watch out! I'll be ready to dust off those suitcases and travel the world again. I mean, it is who I am!