Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's all about the Meat!

Last week while attending the Fort Worth Stock Show for work, I had a life changing experience. OK. Perhaps, those words are stretching it a little much, but it was definitely an experience, and it was one I won't forget for a VERY long time! You see, Friday, after Jared and I had finished checking in all the Angus cattle and checked in with our favorite superintendents, Von and Todd, they suggested we grab some lunch. I was thinking, JJ's Oyster Bar....They were thinking Cooper's Old Time BBQ. UGH. Now, you see, I'm not a BBQ fan. I can do ribs and a little bit of brisket and some pig once in a while, but that's about it. So, we hopped into Todd's rig and drove to the old Cowtown to Cooper's, located just across from Billy Bob's (it looks so different in daylight hours).

We walked into the door, and some great aromas greeted us, along with this:

That's right--a pit with about any kind of meat you can imagine! And, they will cut whatever you want; dip it some sauce and slap it on a red plastic tray for you. Then you step inside, hand it to the next person who weighs it, wraps it in brown paper and provides you with coleslaw or potato salad or condiments for your baked potato if you got one out of the pit. It happened to be pork chop & baked potato special day, so that is what was weighing down my tray.

Once we walked inside, we were greeting by the proprietor, Barry Cooper, who bought our lunch--What a treat! And once through the line, you would normally pay. The beans, pickles, onions and bread are all self serve, over by the drink station, along with the silverware and gallon jars of hot peppers are on the tables.

Rows of long tables and benches line the other side of the dining hall. Needless to say, I did NOT leave Cooper's hungry. And, I found an all-new respect and love for BBQ. Here's the little lunch I had:

I'd definitely recommend Cooper's BBQ to anyone in the Fort Worth area. It's a great amount of high quality food for a great price. Oh, and Barry came by our ROV Show, the next morning. Now, that's a guy that appreciates where his meat comes' from. Because at Cooper's it's all about the Meat!